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Spring Equinox 2010 by Amy Hannon

With an introduction by Charlie Chaplan :-)
Spring Equinox 2010

Birds are calling.
Skunks are crawling.
Wagging their tails for love!
Spring is here.
Whales are churning.
Worms are squirming.
Wagging their tails for love!  
               Charlie Chaplin  “Spring Song”

Bird song, rays of light

the wheel turns, day conquers night

Come and gather in  joyous ring

With grateful hearts to celebrate spring.


East wind blow gentle and bring us far sight,

hope for the future,  will to do right

Wake from the darkness, reach like a sprout

Chirp like a robin, leap like a trout.


Relish as ever the power of Earth

Bow all around to each sudden birth.

Remember the vast starry cosmos above,

Kiss the ground below with wonder and love.


Amy Hannon

Raritan Valley – Clinton NJ

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