50 Meditations on the Love of God

 1.  The love of God is like a cloak around us; it is the egg we hold close in the warm nest.
 2.  God loved, and Time began.
 3.  Some religions believe that God imagined and loved each person and creature long before they came into being, and carries each individual in the divine heart for all eternity. That is the power of God’s love.
 4.  An acupuncturist’s chart of the path of qi in the body maps the flow of God’s love in a living form.
 5.  God has no quality outside of love.
 6.  Mental disharmony confuses people. They are separated from love by flashing images, manipulative words, surface cravings. They have drawn the curtain, but remain unwitting vessels of God’s love.
 7.  Forgiveness is love only when it comes from the heart.
 8.  The light and heat radiating from a candle that will not fail:  this is God’s love.
 9.  All we can know about the Divine is God’s love. What else is there to know?
10. All we can know about ourselves is God’s love in us.
11. This love is like the force that wakes us in the morning and moves us through the day. Without it, we would collapse. No, we would not even exist.
12. God prays to us through this love.
13.  “You are my tender child for all time,” God says.  “Accept this love and offer it to all you meet. My love will never fade.”
14.  Sourdough starter, enlivening loaf after loaf of bread, reminds us of the generative power of undying love.
15.  God’s love grows strong with use. It does not wither from neglect.
16.  Ignore it, and it will not go away.
17.  Some call the energizing power of being the Life Force. I call it God’s Love.
18.  The material world is precious to God. But it is in the invisible soul where God’s love hatches and grows warm.
19.  God’s love is not a mechanical power that stops earthquakes and midair collisions. It is the heartbeat of the Earth and its inhabitants.  It is the rhythm of the mysterious Universe.
20.  Some say that God would die for love, and has.  Fact or wish, such is the intensity of this great affection.
21.  Because of God’s love, we develop our minds and exercise compassion.  Our creative power rises out of this reservoir of energy, caring, and peace.
22.  “Without God’s love?”  There’s no such thing. We need only open the door.
23.  The Earth has been called a Blue Pearl hung in space. What keeps it there but God’s love?
24.  The tides, the hours, all things that flow: all these are waves of this sublime devotion.
25.  Intimacy in a baby’s touch, majesty in mountain peaks,. God’s love speaks to us in small ways as well as large.
26.  All love comes from this Source.
27.  There is never a moment when God’s love is not in and with us.
28.  When we are most alone, God’s love is a gift waiting to be unwrapped.
29.  Science does measure God’s love in the forces of Nature, but cannot replicate it.
30.  For some, God’s love is only the Life Force. Others know not where to begin.
31.  Like air, God’s love is essential for our life and surrounds us, while unseen.
32.  In music or art, God’s love may seem to leak out into the world and startle us. Why didn’t we notice it before?
33.  It is deeper than the passion of lovers, more profound than the closeness of parent and child. But these, too, are God’s love.
34.  God’s love is equally present in busyness and silence.
35.  Some cultivate awareness through activity: services, service, sacraments. Others through quiet reflection.
36.  God’s love is there even for those who do not believe it exists.
37.  Call it something else, if you like. With other names, the sun still shines and rain falls upon the Earth.
38.  God’s love carries us from day to day, from one life to another.
39.  What do all things have in common other than God’s love?
40.  God’s love is a yearning that has come home.
41.  We ask about purpose, but what greater meaning exists than knowing and sharing this love?
42.  In every moment, it is there completely. It flows, but never ebbs.
43.  Mantras are sacred words repeated many times to quiet the mind and open the heart. One of the safest and most reassuring mantras: “God is love.”
44.  Love is not always an emotion. Sometimes it is a river from which the water of life flows.
45.  Our brains cry out, “Anxiety! Fear! Despair!” The warm presence in our heart reassures us, “I am here.”
46.  God’s love is stronger than any evil or ignorance. It remains after the worst crimes and disasters, enabling forgiveness and new life.
47.  Worry is the obsession with what we cannot change, but would. In the warm rays of God’s love, worry dissolves like snow on a sunny day.
48.  People, creatures, and phenomena pass in and out of our lives. Yet, each soul is grounded in the same embrace.
49.  We find it when we least expect it.
50.  It is so perfect, even denial makes it strong.
51.  We can no more part from it than from our own self.
52.  It is everything else, and what is left when everything else is gone. 
53.  As perception, inference, and testimony end, so God’s love begins.

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