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The Forest Hermit ;-)

The Forest Hermit


I am a forest hermit,

But not the kind you think.

Instead of leaves and grungy rags,                                  

I wear chiffon in pink.


No twiggy sandals scratch my feet,

My slippers glide with ease.

No vines and brambles snag my hair,

Just rhinestones and CZs!


I haunt the coolest shadows far

Beneath the greenest trees

And dance among the moonbeams

So diaphanous to see.


A stereotype I’m not, for sure,

But if you want to meet

A forest hermit on your walk,

Then I’m the girl to greet!

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 04:24PM by Registered CommenterLinda Brown Holt | CommentsPost a Comment

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