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I Do Not Like C Clefs

I Do Not Like C Clefs by Linda Holt

I do not like C clefs;
C clefs I don't admire.
They skip around the staff
And then wreak havoc in the choir!

Why can't they be like Treble clefs
That anchor on a G?
A Bass clef knows where it belongs,
But not the wanton C!

One page it's on the middle line,
The next it's on the second,
The third page it's the fourth and fifth,
For no reason I can reckon.

I'd like to give that pesky clef
A permanent location,
Far from the ordered universe
Of musical notation!


Copyright 2013 Linda Brown Holt, all rights reserved

Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 at 07:36PM by Registered CommenterLinda Brown Holt | CommentsPost a Comment

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