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"The Black Spaniard" by L.L.Holt hits the presses

Humanity's spiritual quest does not always follow the neat and tidy lines of organized religion. The Black Spaniard by L.L.Holt reveals the spiritual struggle, dark night, and epiphany of a man whose whole world came crashing down around him. Set in the era just after the French and American Revolutions, this book is available for pre-order through Nov. 16, 2016, with a release date of Nov. 17, 2016. Timed for holiday giving, it portrays a spiritual journey that leads to enlightened realization and hope.

For pre-orders, go to the following link:

After Nov. 17, 2016, you will also find this historical novel on .

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Pokemon Go, Kami, and the Invisible Spirits around Us

My first experiences with Pokemon Go have been pleasant ones. One block from home, three monsters appeared on the smartphone screen directly in my path. I saw another off at the distance, but was advised it was too far away. I can see how the idea of invisible monsters around us came from Japan, with its notion of "kami" in the Shinto religion.

According to, kami are "spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto. They are elements in nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe, as well as spirits of the revered deceased." Saints and demons from all religious traditions have a similar nature to P-Go's "pocket monsters." I can even imagine medieval Christians taking down demons in their path by acts of penance or special devotions! Tibetan Buddhism, with its rich tantric legacy, is a close match for the sensations of confronting or capturing P-Go elementals.

I am not a game player by nature or inclination, so I may never learn the secrets of buying Pokeballs and deploying them against unseen forces, but it's fun as long as the monsters don't go on the offensive. I understand that once all monsters are captured, there will be a combat of sorts, but I hope we can turn it into a peace rally, don't you?

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Coming soon:  YogaGOLD

What would happen if the scientific principles of yoga were blended with other mindfulness and enrichment practices from around the world with one focused goal: to bless the process of aging and to increase the quality of aging lives?

YogaGOLD suggests that the dysfunctional aspects of aging begin with a disjointed, distracted mindset. The Yoga Sutras, in fact, defines yoga as "Stilling the waves of the mind." This stilling or slowing down process is where yoga should begin, and where our journey to extend and enrich life finds its origination.

Stay tuned to this Web site for further details on the development of YogaGOLD and watch it transform individuals, communities, and perhaps society at large. Aging is unfolding. And the secret is to live deeply, richly, and with deliberation.

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Yoga vs. Exercise: What's the Difference?

At today's noon class in Philadelphia, Dr. Vijayendra Pratap shared some insights into the nature of learning, perspective, and how yoga is different than exercise:

What is the difference between yoga and exercise? Yoga takes you in. Exercise takes you out. Going to a party is exercise. Coming home is yoga.

Students grow and learn from the inside. If the inside is not developed, students may not be ready to handle information coming from outside.

Once you know yourself, you know everything.

When you are not calm and see other people rushing, it is not the other people, it is you who are rushing. When you are calm, the world is calm.

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Harvard offers free online course on world religions

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