The Fur of Cats

Charlie’s is a mouser’s fur: tight, short, and quick to twitch.

I run my hand from his nape to his tail, and he flails it, like a switch.

His fur is gold as honey, and it paunches by his ears,

And he will let me pet him, long as mice are nowhere near!


The fur of Max is a big cat’s fur: he’s 20 pounds or better,

The black coat bunches all about, so he’s quite a nifty petter.

He lounges on my lap, hangs down, and I’m draped in silky flares,

He tilts his white throat back, and lets me stroke the downy hairs.


Old Dimples is so thin and frail, and yet her coat is gleaming.

Her sides cave in, but her tail is plump, and wags while she is dreaming.

I rub her wooly chest awhile, like velvet to my touch,

 Her fur is lustrous, warm and bright, although there is not much!


A Maine Coon cat is Snickers, whose fur’s a feast of fluff.

He springs about the furniture like thistle in the rough.

His coat’s as soft as down, reflecting personality and charm,

You can feel the purrs right through his coat as he cuddles on your arm.


And then there is the White Cat, who visits me at night.

He comes to me at 4 a.m. when the moon is full and bright.

He rubs against my ankle, and his bristly fur lays low,

He passes by the other cats with paw-steps soft and slow.


I reach down calm to pet him, but my hand drops to the floor,

For he’s a ghostly visitor, and there is nothing more.


Not every fur is tactile: some are but memories

Of soft delights, and dreams that lie, beyond reality.


                                                                                 --Linda Brown Holt

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When Winter Comes


When Winter comes, nests appear in trees,

Old elms bare their arms like young girls in spring,

Fresh rivers flow through forests filled with melting snow,

Blue herons, feathers tucked, take wing.


We shiver, never more alive;

Warmth is a distant dream

While icicles burst on snow-piled eaves,

And small fish hush beneath a frosty stream.


                                                                --Linda Brown Holt copyright 2010

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And the following poem has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or scholarship!

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24 Hours of Online Dating


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--­Copyright 2009 Linda Brown Holt





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Beethoven's Mind

Is Beethoven’s mind in the Land of Death?

If so, take me there, in my last breath.

Keep heaven, hell; to rock in that sea

Surpasses immortality.


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